Johnny on the Spot

The surfer's personal, private diary

Right Place, Right Time, Every Time.

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Take a photo of the waves and live swell, wind and tide data is stamped onto the image. Rate the images, comment on them and you will build up a detailed record of the surf conditions in your area.

Real-time conditions

Live marine weather data and tide info stamped onto your images


Compare between your past entries and the current conditions


Retrieves data at a later stage when pictures are taken out of range


Easy-swipe 5 star rating system


Add and save your own comments with each entry

Spot galleries

Private group sharing

5-star alerts

Coming soon!

100% Private

You don’t have to share your data with anyone. Johnny on the Spot is simply a tool that allows you to record those perfect days so you can have a better idea of when they’re going to happen again. We’re surfers too and we completely understand why you might want to keep that secret.

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Available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store

Johnny on the Spot Get it on Google Play